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Scuf vantage faceplate

Scuf vantage faceplate


Does your scuf Vantage do this?

SCUF Vantage Gunmetal Black

Boxshot: PS4 Vantage Faceplate Metallic Blue by Scuf Distribution

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SCUF Vantage Avenged

With the SCUF Vantage you can choose from dozens of faceplate designs, ranging from licensed designs based on your favorite games or streamers to more ...

The thing looks kind of goofy, but the options for faceplates is nice. (Photo: Alex Cranz, Gizmodo)

Scuf Vantage review

The SCUF Vantage Black Ops 4 Controller is for Serious Call of Duty Players - Geek.com

Custom Scuf Vantage ...

SCUF Vantage vs. Razer Raiju Ultimate: Which PS4 controller should you buy? | Android Central

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Photo by Nick Statt / The Vege

Scuf Gaming on Twitter: "Right now we separately offer three different faceplates for the Vantage. You can check them out here: https://t.co/exW3Fa4aPH… "

Avanged Vantage PS4 Controller

Scuf Vantage In Depth Review, Unboxing, & Teardown

If you're considering a pro PlayStation 4 controller, you've probably heard the name Scuf. It's the leading brand of custom gamepads for competitive console ...


VANTAGE Call Of Duty®: Black Ops 4. Limited Edition

Various unique magnetic faceplates can be pulled off and swapped out on the fly, including a limited edition Black Ops 4 variant, though you'll need to buy ...



The SCUF Black Ops 4 controller's faceplate includes orange rings around the thumbsticks, the four-striped orange Black Ops emblem, and a matte finish that ...

Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller Review

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SCUF Vantage PS4 review: There's Such a Thing as Too Flexible

Primarily, this is a controller designed for ergonomics and heavy use. For ergonomics, you will notice a dramatic shift from the standard DualShock design ...

Photo by Nick Statt / The Vege

SCUF Vantage Silver

SCUF Vantage White

SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller. “

PS4 Vantage Controller Improves Fortnite Performance

SCUF's Vantage PS4 controller: Shades of amazing, with just a touch of awkward

Scuf Vantage w/ Faceplate for PS4

SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller Offers Xbox One Elite-Style Customizations

When SCUF Gaming revealed its PS4 Vantage controller, many gamers were excited by the product's side-mounted right and left SAX buttons, removable faceplate ...

You'll pick the faceplate color, the anti-friction rings, rear triggers, and even multiple thumbpad options, including height, shape and color.

Call of Duy PlayStation 4 Controller

Considering that there's no official 'Elite' controller on PlayStation 4, this might be the next best thing.

Scuf Gaming once again redefines the functionality of controllers with new SCUF Vantage for PlayStation®4

... so even if you switch to super-cool yellow faceplate and jet-black thumbsticks, you're still going to have these silvery buttons glaring at you.

SCUF Vantage Controller Announced for PS4 with Asymmetrical Sticks and Advanced Features

Scuf Vantage Featured Image Resize

E3 2018: SCUF Vantage Brings Pro Controls to the PS4

Enter the Scuf Vantage — a modular, customizable controller made by third-party outfit Scuf Gaming that aims to fill that void in the PS4's repertoire.


If you've been in the console gaming scene for any length of time, you've almost surely heard of Scuf Gaming's controllers. Even before Xbox came out with ...

Scuf Vantage Review: The Best Controller in Gaming Somehow Gets Gets Even Better | Inverse

PS4 Official Scuf Controller

That shouldn't be as much of a surprise, because these back-of-controller paddles are SCUF's bread and butter.


Unboxing SCUF's Limited Edition 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' Vantage PS4 Controller


... while the wired version is $170, though that one doesn't include a travel case. The Scuf Vantage controller should be available late in summer 2018.

Illustration for article titled The PS4 Finally Has a Super Customizable-Controller, and It

New SCUF innovation: Sax buttons (S1,S2) - Ergonomic side action buttons are an industry first, designed and created by SCUF for the Vantage controller. ...

Description. Ps4 scuf vantage ...

Where the Vantage really comes into its own is its customization, which includes replacing nearly every moving part and the faceplate, as needed and wanted.

SCUF states that the new features added to the controller include unique side-mounted right and left Sax buttons. These buttons are designed to fit the ...

Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller Review

SCUF Vantage Firmware Update out now

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SCUF playstation 4 controller ps4 gaming console esports

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Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller Review

ATLANTA, November 09, 2018 — Scuf Gaming, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, is teaming up with the Movember Foundation to use ...

Ms5000Watts on Twitter: "This package from @ScufGaming for their new Scuf Vantage is INSANE! Can't wait to use it on stream today… "

Scuf Vantage


Breaking Down The $200 PS4 “Elite-Style” Controller: Scuf Vantage Review – GameUP24

Boxshot: PS4 Vantage Thumbstick Accessory Kit - White by Scuf Distribution

SCUF Vantage - GameStop/Stock Version

... Scuf's latest controller brings more than just a pretty face(plate) to the competition: the Scuf Vantage is here and it wants to play for keeps.

Scuff Vantage Faceplate Custom Painted by Game and Video-Sunday Purple Fade

SCUF Vantage: How to Inspect Your Thumbsticks | SCUF Gaming

The Vantage doesn't just borrow the shape of the Xbox One controller, it also adopts the high-end customization options found on the pricey Elite variant.

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Inside the box, the Vantage ships with replaceable joysticks short and tall, convex and concave. Replacement grip-rings can be fit around their base to ...

SCUF's Vantage PS4 controller: A lot of issues and a big price tag - Techheadlines

Photo by Nick Statt / The Vege

Unbranded Video Game Controllers

Scuf Vantage for PS4


Scuf Vantage

Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller Review

Jump into the latest installment of gaming's best-selling shooter franchise and get ready to go Back to Black with the SCUF Vantage Black Ops 4 Limited ...

... comes with each PlayStation four system is a strong choice for many gamers, Sony lacks a customizable gamepad for its extra devoted gamers. Scuf Gaming ...

scuf black ops 4

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New SCUF innovation: Removable Magnetic Faceplate & Removable Vibration Modules - Allows you to swap out interchangeable parts and alter your controllers ...

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SCUF Vantage: How to Reset Your SCUF Controller | SCUF Gaming

PS4 Scuf Vantage gently used very good condition with lots of accessories